IMPORTANT STUFF                                                                                                                                                                                             
This is strictly adhered to. So many times I have seen people with messy stations or with equipment still dirty from a previous event. There is no excuse. A tidy station ensures an efficient face painting service and being hygienic is about having the utmost respect for the people you are painting. I only use a clean sponge per person (to prevent cross-contamination). All my equipment is thoroughly cleansed after each session using the recommended cleaning agents and the sponges washed at a high temperature. The mirrors, etc are disinfected for your and my hygiene. I also only use a new hairclip per child which you can keep.  Water is changed frequently during events. I also provide table coverings for protection of your or your venue's furniture.
My products 
I only use quality, professional face painting and specialist make up products that are compliant with both EU and FDA regulations. The majority of my products are labeled as “pure” meaning they contain no parabens, lanolin, oils or gluten. This ensures that a reaction on sensitive skin is highly unlikely (see allergic reactions). I only use safe, poly rounded biodegradable glitter that has been designed for use on skin. I do not use metallic or craft glitter.

Allergic Reactions
Statistics show that the unlikely event of a reaction occurring are 1 in 10,000,000. Though the products are aimed with children in mind, and as with all skin products you cannot guarantee that a reaction may not occur. I can provide a test patch if you are unsure. If you would like a list of ingredients also please ask.

Removal of Face Paints, Glitter Tattoos and Theatrical Makeup 
My paints are water based and removal is best with facial wipes and then a mild soap and water (or baby oil on cotton wool if there’s a little colour residue). With care, glitter tattoos can last up to 5 days but for earlier removal soak the tattoo with baby oil or an oil based cleanser before bathing.  Obviously regarding the theatrical products, more information can be provided at the time.

Who can I not paint 
For obvious reasons I cannot paint anyone who has eczema, cold sores, conjunctivitis, head lice, open sores or any other abrasions. Due to patience on both parts, face painting a child of less than 3 is not usually practicable. Plus where youngsters are concerned the painter is not insured. I will not paint any child who does not want to be painted.

What I ask of you 
I come equipped with portable tables, chairs and even a gazebo but due to the fact that these are collapsible and not as sturdy or as large as regular tables and chairs if you could provide a table and two adult sized chairs per artist then it would be greatly appreciated.  Parents are to be advised that a face painter will be present or tattooing, etc at your special event and parental consent must be given.  I understand the need to take photos of your child's experience of being painted, however, please would you ask me for permission before you film every step of me completing your child's design.  When making a booking could you please inform me of any difficult parking situations, or contraidictions so that i am not fined.  I also ask you to pay the expense of pay and display carparks.  My work is my business and I have buiness set up costs like everyone else, although I do provide my services for free a few times a year for charities close to my hear, however, I therefore cannot afford to work for nothing on every occasion even for the exposure/marketing opportunities.  Finally, it is also requested that other adult is on location to help with any unforeseen eventualities and, at busy times, to ensure that the queue remains orderly so that everyone gets a chance to be painted and to prevent me or my equipment from being trampled on!!!