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I take my inspiration many things that I see in life but nothing has provided me with more inspiration over the years than the fragile and delicate drawings of the few fairy plates that my Mum collected when I was young.  It is these that inspired me to produce my own blended paints which have excitedly been custom made in Australia and are being exclusively sold through the BPH Face Paint Shop.

I can't thank Sharon enough for making this happen, plus for my Mum to have collected these plates in the first place.  

Below are a few samples of my blends but more pictures will be added to this section soon.            


                flower fairy                                 sweetpea blossom  sweetpea blossom 2





If you were satisfied with our services we would be ever so grateful for some feedback.  NetMums is a fantastic way to tell everybody about us.  For any extra reviews you could provide we would be extremely grateful. x

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Please see the availability page regarding spring and summer dates.

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